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STD Dating for People with Herpes, HIV & HPV in California

The dating culture plays a huge role in California online dating and especially STD positive singles.

So here is the deal. When you think of California what comes to mind first? Is it the beaches? Is it all the beautiful people? Is it the awesome weather? Is it Hollywood and all the movie stars? Ok yes, that's all true but what we don't realize is how the culture in California is perfect for herpes dating, HIV dating and HPV dating. We know what you're thinking... so hold on a sec while we explain.

We'll get back to the STD's and dating in a bit but let's move forward and talk about the hookup culture and living in California. Like it was mentioned earlier the Golden State is beautiful and is known for its beautiful outdoors, beaches, bars, restaurants, night clubs and lots of good looking people. One thing that it's not known for is it's one of the top states in the US for online dating sites that are specific to herpes, HIV, and HPV. In fact, the dating site, PositiveSingles, says that 9% of their members with STD's are from California. This is all great news for the people living in California with STD's who want to continue to date and find some romance.

Before we go any further let's do a 101 breakdown on the different types of STD's because they're often misunderstood and can be confused for each other. What HSV, HPV & HIV all have in common is they're all virus and that means that when a person becomes infected they're infected for life also a huge similarity is they are all sexually transmitted. HSV stands for herpes simplex virus and there are two types, type 1 and type 2. In general, HSV 1 typically prefers the oral region and HSV 2 usually prefers the genital region. However, the herpes virus will go wherever you give it a place to go. HPV stands for Human Papillomavirus and there are 200 different types of strains, some of them are sexually transmitted and can potentially cause cancer. And finally, we have HIV which stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus which is spread through semen, vaginal fluid, and blood. Being HIV positive means that you have AIDS and that your immune system is so week that the person infected has a hard time fighting other things off. Once again, all of these viruses are sexually transmitted and can be passed to your partner.

Let's revert back to being single and dating with herpes, dating with HIV and dating with HPV. Beginning to date after being diagnosed can be looked at 1 of 2 ways. It can be like no big deal or it can be one of the scariest things that you do.

positive singles

Why are these feeling so opposite? It starts with acceptance and understanding of your virus.

When you get that call from your doctor telling you your test came back positive the shock begins to set in. One of the biggest concerns if your single is dating. The first and major step is accepting your diagnosis. You have to accept before your partner can accept it. Then there can be the resentment of being diagnosed a because the stigma attached to having an STD is what holds STD positive singles back and makes them believe that they are not worthy of love, dating or sex. This is so not fair and a horrible stigma.

California as a culture is very progressive, there's Hollywood and so many major cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and even San Diego. Restaurants are the coolest and newest concept, the bars are hopping, the clubs have lines wrapped around the block, oh and not to mention all the people along the boardwalks just enjoying the beaches. It's a "be seen situation" and it's also a culture for casual sex and dating. Oh yeah, and then there's that herpes thing or that HIV thing or that HPV thing that paralyzes singles from dating. So should people who are diagnosed not get to enjoy what California has to offer and feel like they need to become a hermit and hide behind the big Hollywood sign? Absolutely not!

In case you don't know about the hookup culture and what it's all about let's discuss it a bit. The way we date today is very different than when our grandparents dated, and thank goodness. Back at the turn of the century couples being courted were chaperoned and escorted as they went on a date. The pursuit typically included a walk through the park or an afternoon lemonade. No thank you, and wow have things changed when it comes to dating. Now days, one obvious difference is premarital sex and we can take that a step further and talk about the no strings attached mindset. The no strings attached or hookup mindset is when people have a sexual relationship without commitment or the requirements that go into a dating relationship. Now that can sound awesome to some and to others especially with recent herpes, HPV or HIV diagnosis can seem daunting.

This is why PositiveSingles is so important and also an important part of today's dating culture especially in California. So you see, online dating has become the new norm. It's been around for 20 years or so and it really is the perfect solution for meeting people. Especially in today's world when the majority of us have our nose in our phone and our earbuds in listening to our favorite podcast. Meeting people is rare now let's add herpes or HPV or HIV to this equation. It went from, meet someone, ask them out on a date, go on the date, jump in bed with them and hope there's another date to… now the whole idea of dating is challenging because somehow there has to be a conversation about viruses and disclosing.

Ok so don't worry, there's some great news, for singles who are positive for HSV, HPV, and HIV and live in Californa. The number 1 dating site out there's called Positive Singles and its safe, secure and a great spot to meet other positive people. Get this, in California, 11.1% of the members are herpes positive, 11.7% of the members are HIV positive, and 11.2% are HPV positive. In other words, compared to the other states in the US, California is the place to be and the place to date. It could be the beautiful weather but people in California are out and about and looking for a good time.

Do you think that because you have herpes or HIV or HPV that you're happiness and your lifestyle should change? Like you shouldn't date or feel like you have to hold yourself back? Let's face it, if as a culture we're already using online dating as a way to date, hookup and meet people why not find a safe dating site where your diagnosis is already known? Oh yea, more importantly, you're not judged or looked at as a sigma! It's like a built-in community of people who are just like you and are wanting to date and meet up. Yes, the conversation about your diagnosis s still something that should happen. Enjoy what California has to offer and that includes dating, hooking up and living the single life.