• HIV Positive Dating: Disclosing Posted by Admin on Oct 12, 2019

    HIV Positive Dating: Disclosing

    It doesn’t matter if you just learned that you are HIV positive, or have had it for decades, there is going to be a point where you decide if you want to disclose your status while living with HIV. Picking who you tell is something that is a personal choice, and you could find yourself trying to be honest while protecting your privacy.

    There may be issues that come with HIV Dating, and there isn’t the same answer for every single person, but below are some tips that you should keep in mind when it comes to disclosing:

    Be Selective: It is your right and choice to pick who you want to disclose your status to and its your right. However, there are some states that will require you to tell your status before you have sex, before getting medical care, and before sharing injection equipment or drugs.

    Take your time: There are times when you can take your time to think about who you want to tell and how you are going to tell them. Think about if there is a reason for disclosing or if it is because you want to share your feelings and are anxious. Telling people can affect your life.

    Don’t apologize: You have a virus and you don’t have to apologize because you are HIV positive.

    Don’t Isolate yourself: If you can’t tell family or friends or loved ones, then reach out to the HIV community. Join a support group or online forum.

    Listen to your gut: There isn’t a perfect way to do anything, just trust your instinct.

    Relax: There are plenty of people who have went through this and did okay. You can do it too.

    There are some people who will disclose their status to potential sexual partners or dates right away, and sometimes before the first day. There are some who will wait to see if the relationship goes further before they decide to disclose their status. Even though there are plenty of people that are practicing safer sex, and they understand how this virus can be transmitted, the stigma and fear can cause strong emotions and the fact that you are living with HIV can cause people from going further with you in a relationship.

    There are some sexual partner and dating disclosure problems that you may want to think about:

    Whatever you say to your partner will need to be as direct and as simple as possible.

    Take time and give yourself a bit of credit because you and any of your sexual partners only practice safer sex and that helps for your decision to disclose your status to and that means that you being responsible and your partner is too.

    Not every person that you tell will have a negative response, but if the person that you do tell reacts negatively, remember that is just one person. Not all people are the same.

    Remember that you will need to give that person that you are disclosing to a bit of time in order to fully process the information. What their reaction may be to start with, whether it is positive or negative could possibly change in the future.

  • Living With HIV POZ and Dating For You Posted by Admin on Sep 12, 2019

    hiv dating

    Let’s face it, it can be hard to date anyone, and that means that there aren’t factors in it like worrying about your HIV status or any of the stigma that comes with poz dating.

    When it comes to HIV dating, you are not only thinking about how your first kiss will be like, you are thinking about what their face will say when you disclose your status. If you are part of the HIV singles pool, and your date is HIV negative, you are going to be thinking about how they might react to the news. These types of situations can be hard enough to handle.

    Just because you have HIV, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have both good and bad dating experiences. Even though you are positive, it doesn’t mean that your love life has to be dead.

    Nerves on first dates

    The fact is dating is all about listening. You are going to be listening to what they say. Dating is not just monologue, take time and write to each other. Hearing or reading what a person has said or write at various times can provide you with a bunch of information. There are not bad dates, even after a really bad moment can be used.

    Know yourself

    Just because you are not a positive single, doesn’t mean that the basics of dating have changed. You need to know yourself before you ever start dating. If you don’t know who you are, and it is impossible to describe yourself financially, emotionally, mentally, and physically, then you need to learn more about you. You have to know yourself before you can effectively market yourself in the dating pool.

    Also, you need to know just as much about them. Make sure that you keep all lines of communication open. Learn as much as you can from each other and be honest. Don’t tell a lie or keep something, even your status, a secret. Keep your past in the past and just focus on the future.

    The dating pool

    You need to know what type of dating pool you are going to have. If you are a gay man, and you are living in a small town, then how many other people are gay? These are questions that you need to ask. What percentage of people are going to be open to dating someone who is HIV positive?

    Status Disclosure

    It is always best to tell someone your status at the first opportunity. If you are not using a dating site, and are doing it the old fashioned way, then let them know before the end of your first conversation or date that you are HIV positive. Most people don’t understand HIV and they treat it like Ebola. Your status is important, but so is being honest. Being up front about it can help the person to be open to ask questions and learn more.

    Dating is something that takes time. Having HIV doesn’t mean that you cannot find the love of your life, that one person that you claim is the one.

  • Dating with HIV: Top Tips for HIV Positive Dating Posted by Admin on Mar 20, 2019

    Dating with HIV

    If you are suffering from HIV, your life hasn’t stopped. Some of us believe that having been diagnosed with HIV means that you would not have any romantic life and that your chance of finding a partner would be down to nil. However, this is not so. Even with HIV, there is a good chance that you can find a great partner and live a complete life. Here are some of the best design tips which you can use for HIV dating.

    Do not make it bigger than anything else

    One of the most common mistakes which too many people do is to make a massive fuss of their medical condition. We do understand that HIV is a huge cause of concern, but you need to understand that life is beyond your medical condition. Do not make it a delimiter in your life. Discuss the implication with your partner once and then live naturally.

    Be honest

    Just like there are people who bring up their HIV condition all the time, there are so many people who believe in keeping this fact a secret. You need to understand that being HIV positive is a massive thing and something which shouldn’t be kept a secret. Before you fall in love with someone and imagine them as a lifelong partner, you should always disclose such vital details. This will set the foundation of your relationship.

    Have realistic expectations

    Be it POZ dating or any other form of dating, you need to know how to be realistic. Do not believe that there would be no hurdles or obstacles whatsoever. You should be realistic and practical. Yes, there may be plenty of problems, but in the end, you have to be strong enough to face him in the right manner.

    Do not self-blame

    Remember, there is no reason for you to take the blame upon you. HIV is a virus-infected disease; it was not used because of anything you did. So, do not play the sorry card and ask for sympathy time and again. This often suffocates the relationship even before it has the time to thrive.

    Take it slow

    Love and relationship entail time. You need to nurture the bond and give it space and time to grow. So, when you are in love or you have found someone you would like to have as a partner for the rest of your life, be prepared to invest time. Take things slow and one at a time. Do not rush it and let every moment build in its due course.

    These are some of the best HIV dating tips which can help you find a partner and live a fulfilling life. There are several sites which offer a befitting platform for people with HIV to come forward and seek love, support, and respect. You should know the right places to find people who would accept you with your condition but see you as a person, an individual, rather than a patient with HIV.

    Trust and then take a leap of faith and fall in love.

  • Top States with HIV AIDS Dating in the USA Posted by Admin on Feb 17, 2019

    Top States with HIV AIDS Dating in the USA

    Back in the 80’s the news about HIV and AIDS was all over the news, especially when it was revealed that basketball star Magic Johnson was revealed to be HIV positive. While much of the fear and mania that was around back then has now passed, there are still plenty of people out there living an HIV Poz lifestyle, which includes dating. The vast majority of people in this position are open about their condition, but there are others who might not be, which is why you need to be careful when dipping your toe into the dating pool.

    Before we get more into the subject of HIV positive dating, it is worth talking about the states in the U.S. that have the highest incidences of HIV positive patients. Given the populations of the states in question, it is perhaps not that surprising that California, Texas, Florida, and New York are at the top of the list, with each of those states having more than 10,000 HIV positive patients on the books. It should be noted that these are only the people that have actually been diagnosed, which means that there may be even more than the numbers indicate.

    With the number of people living in the United States with HIV now sitting at around 100,000, it is perhaps not that surprising to learn that there are a lot of HIV singles in the dating pool. Studies have shown that people who have been diagnosed as being HIV positive are now living longer than ever before, with North America at the top of the life expectancy list. On average, Americans usually have a life expectancy of 10-12 years after an HIV positive diagnosis, so it is perhaps no surprise that there are so many HIV singles out there looking for companionship. If you are interested in AIDS dating, the good news is that there are now websites devoted to HIV singles looking for love and companionship. This is perhaps the best road to go for the HIV Poz community, as everyone who enters these types of dating sites already knows that they will be chatting to and potentially meeting people who are currently living with HIV. This is a much better scenario than rolling the dice out in the dating world and hoping that you remain healthy while engaging in a sexual relationship.

    Of course, not everyone who is out there looking for HIV dating is looking for a sexual partner. Many are simply content to find a person who will serve as more of a friend and confidant. There is still something of a social stigma related to Aids, HIV, and all other sexually transmitted diseases, so finding someone willing to put all that aside and still be a part of your life can be tough. It is not impossible, though, which is why HIV dating sites are now gaining some real traction in the online dating world.

  • How do HIV positive people treat sex drive rightly Posted by Admin on Jan 10, 2019

    How do HIV positive people treat sexual drive rightly

    Treating sexual drives in the right way is one of the most important necessities for an HIV positive individual. This is because they cannot enjoy their sexual life the way they used to. It is irrespective of the time you have sex or sexual orientation and is one of the most common things to have the drives. But how to deal with it the right way is the main question. We have come up with some tips to help you get back on track and treat your drives the right way.


    • Avoid extracurricular activities


    The best way to satiate your drives the right way is by avoiding the extracurricular activities you use to satisfy yourself. This has two-fold benefits. First, refraining from extracurricular activities save you the drive and allows you to make better reciprocations while mating with your sexual partner. That allows you both to have a better sexual experience and become more intimate as you will have an increased drive as you have stopped satisfying yourself. In addition to that, it also saves you the loss of extra calories and energy so thus, allowing you to spend a great time with your partner.


    • Find a truly loved partner when you are HIV positive

     Find a truly loved partner when you are HIV positive

    Being HIV positive can be a setback to your sexual life. You can experience the changes in your regular drives. The best way to treat things right is by developing a semi-sexual character. That means you get involved with the one you truly feel for. Stop acting on juices as you would have done to satiate your lust. Get intimate with the one you are emotionally attached to. Listening to the heart rather than the juices can help you treat your drives right to a great extent. Also, it spares you the disappointment that you would generally have got if you had really tried on with someone just to satisfy yourself. Allow your mind to take control rather than your hormones.

    A positive HIV status should not bear the negativity it still does today. It is not worth it to label yourself with the diagnosis as an identity. This is a stereotype, which leads to isolation and stigmatization. Although it is not fair to do this, it is worse when the victim acknowledges and embraces this negativity. It is a huge challenge, which causes breakups and panic on the victims. This should not be the case, though. People living with HIV can still fall in love and find good sex partners, data, and maintain long term relationships till death. Despite the obvious obstacles, you can still build happy relationships easily especially in the United States. Luckily, there are already many people who have overcome the obstacles. This is encouraging news for both gay and straight couples. There are many HIV love stories to learn from and get the motivation you need to succeed.


    Admittedly, testing positive of HIV results in a long term setback to your sexual life and future relationships. As a young adult looking forward to HIV dating, you are likely to experience the changes in your regular drives. According to experts, the best way forward would be by developing a demi-sexual character. This means that you can get intimate with your loved one without any fear as long as you have discussed and agreed as consenting adults with protection.  There is no need to live in fear and keep using alternative sources of pleasure like acting on juices to satiate your lust. Get intimate with the one you are emotionally attached because love and HIV are possible. Let your mind to take control rather than your hormones.

    Here are some tips


    You should learn to reveal your status at the right time. Avoid spilling the beans before you and your partner are ready for the news. There are times when it is not necessary to tell them or your status because it may be too early and they will not be comfortable. Nothing can stand in the way of true love so take your time and wait for the right moment. It pays to wait regardless of the drive to say especially when you fall deeper in love and want to share all secrets. HIV love dating should not be difficult if you can practice a little self-control and make a good timing of your announcement

    You hold the right to withhold the information until when you are sure it will be helpful and beneficial to you and your sexual partner. This is your choice and remember your diagnosis should not dictate your overall status and name. Many people make the mistake of revealing their HIV status a little too early and regret it. They have repercussions and stories to tell about how wrong the whole thing went down as they got silent treatment or other arrogant and hurtful breakups. People are likely to run away at the announcement due to shock and reaction until they are surely soaked in love and determined to go all the way.

    2.Support Groups

    There is never a wrong time to join support groups because they are a great way to help you during stress and depression. Support groups offer the love of a family and the companionship you may never find elsewhere. If you want comfort and ideas of how to go about your relationship, you can find it in support groups because there are other people going through the same thing as you are. You will not be panicking about a breakup or rejection as they will give you all emotional support. Find one whom you trust enough and be a regular participant.


    Although this is a popular issue, the fact is that love money and HIV are not bedmates. You do not need loads of money to lure a good partner your way. Trust builds through spending time together and sharing the deepest of secrets, desires, likes, and needs. If you focus on a relationship without panicking, you will get the love back no doubt.



    • Build Effective Communication with Your Partner about HIV

     Build Effective Communication with Your Partner about HIV

    If you are having a change in your drives, consider sharing things with your sexual partner person to person. Communication is one of the most basic requirements for any relationship to be successful over the long term. Rather than keeping things stuck all to yourself, speak up how you feel to your partner. It may be one of the best ways to save your relationship apart from helping you to satisfy your drives the right way. When you speak up, even your partner can work to make you feel better.

    The importance of constant communication in a relationship cannot be overemphasized. Communication begets trust, which is the bedrock of solid long term relationships with HIV patients. Most people living with HIV live in fear of rejection from their partners especially due to stigmatization. For this reason, they are likely to overlook their drive to reveal their status to their partners. This is dangerous. Although considered a deadly realization is known to break the strongest of relationships, one’s status should be conveyed to a partner at some point before they settle down into a long term relationship. Before revealing the shameful diagnosis, most people living with HIV succumb to the desperation of finding love. Although finding someone who will trust is not impossible, trust and comfort are essential to attracting this revelation. Not only should these patients gain trust but also become receptive to communication. If not, they risk both their physical and social degradation as they slump into loneliness.


    We all know that even with the stereotypes and stigma still around us, finding love with HIV is possible thanks to the numerous testimonials around the world today. In case you are intending on having a change in your drives, you should consider sharing this with your partner. Regardless of how minor you think the changes would be, it is still of vital importance to let your partner in on it. Admittedly communication is a pillar in all relationships and the most basic requirements for any relationship to be successful in the long term. Instead of keeping things all to yourself because of the fear of a reaction of rejection from your partner, you should learn to speak up how you feel or what you think. This could be your way out of the harshest and toughest problems you never thought you would solve. It will be easier for your partner to help with knowledge and without. You are most likely to get a positive outcome even as you fear the worst from the revelations.

    Why You Need to Communicate

    Communication needs to be clear and effective and this cannot be achieved without commitment and trust. If you love your partner and you are ready for a long term relationship, you should take the step to convey your mind and feelings to them as soon as you can. Choose the right moment to tell them the important things that matter as well as the smallest and minor issues you may consider unnecessary.

    Since society is still struggling with the elimination of the stigma of HIV positive patients, it will be a shock to find HIV positive partner. However, it is normal and acceptable to date and leads long lives with people living with HIV today. For this reason, you should ensure they are aware of what they are getting into before getting intimate. This way, they will be sober enough and ready to get into the relationship with intent.


    The repercussions of having a relationship with someone with HIV are mostly social because they are embedded in the community around us. If the community is hostile (such as unsupportive parents) it would be wise to move on to another place where your partner will not be treated with hate and isolation. Find a place where you are both strangers and there will be no need to announce the status. This can be a place far away from home or even a foreign country.  

    Psychosocial effects of a patient diagnosed with HIV extend beyond their immediate family and friends to the caretakers and healthcare providers. This means there are many people involved in the outcome of a relationship. Without support, it will simply deteriorate. Nevertheless, with a supportive partner and good communication, HIV and relationships can be as easy as other normal relationships. Challenges and problems in the relationship can easily be conquered by quick communication.


    • Erection is not the ultimate thing


    It is okay if you don’t get an erection the way you used to. It is not the main part. The main part is the orgasm and you can still get it. Erection is just a symptom and orgasm is the answer to your drives. Rather than concentrating on the erectile dysfunction (in case you are suffering from it), concentrate on the satisfaction you get when you have a good orgasm. When you are with someone you have a natural inclination for, you are more likely to enjoy a better orgasm. After all, it is all that matters when it comes to treating the drives right.


    • Seek Help from the Dating Experts Who are Familiar with HIV Positive Dating

     Seek Help from the Dating Experts Who are Familiar with HIV Positive Dating

    In case you do not have access to the help you are in need of, go out in search for it. You can consult your doctor, endocrinologist or simply a urologist to help you beat your problem. They can easily provide you with effective help to help you enjoy your sex life exactly the way you used to. They can provide you with a simple injection drug such as Trimix or just provide you with an over-the-counter drug that can drive in the sexual boosts in you. It can even be a solution to the issues of erectile dysfunction. If you get proper professional help, you can easily work on satisfying your drives the best way.

    HIV positive results should not bar you from the fun in relationships. While the news can be a shock and you may take time to regain normalcy, gather yourself up quickly and find help. Of course, there is a stigma in society with regards to HIV but it is decreasing. People are gradually adapting to living with siblings and friends at work or in school. The risk areas are clear hence easy to relate with people.

    Nevertheless, sexual relationships remain a challenge for most people considering the virus is mainly contracted through unprotected sex. If you are dating with HIV, you need to let your partner know. Find a good time to break the news. The sooner the better because you will be in body contact most times. If you are intending to date, let your partner know before the first kiss. It is about being considerate because the disease can easily be transferred to another person.


    Let’s be honest, you need support both emotionally and physically. Even today many people cannot differ HIV from AIDS. Today, there is an HIV and AIDS center in almost every health care facility to take care of HIV patients. The stigma related to the patients is reducing across the world. Instead of secluding the patients, they are being accommodated in the society and most governments are including it in national budgets as aid.

    However, if you are not yet receiving any support from professionals, you need to go out on your own and seek help. Although it is a deadly disease, the first stages can be difficult to tell. The only way people will know you have the virus is if you mention it. This is why it is important to take regular HIV tests to rule out any possibilities of the symptoms of HIV virus considering it grows through various stages.

    Sex with HIV

    Sex life is the main dilemma in HIV dating. The virus does not inhibit the hormones that trigger sexual emotions. HIV should not affect your sex life; you should go on with this interesting part of life without guilt or fear. In fact, you can enjoy your sexual life like before if you take note of some precautions. However, you should note that unprotected sexual intercourse is the main channel for transferring the virus from one body to another especially with your sexual partner.

    It is important to engage a professional that understands the body mechanism and structure of the virus. The virus undergoes various growth stages that pose different risk levels with respect to transfer from one body to another for instance with breast milk or sharing needles. Location of the virus at the different stages also determines the risk levels. Understanding the behavior of the HIV virus can help in guiding sexual life.

    Hormonal effect

    Sexual desire is largely influenced by hormones. Mind stability with respect to stress also affects drive for sex. In most cases, people fall into a depression for several weeks or months after HIV positive results. Stress is one of the major causes of erectile dysfunction. It is understandable if you are in shock after the results and your sexual drive is affected. Sex is an important element of a romantic relationship; you need help to get back to normalcy.

    Health Specialists

    Engaging an endocrinologist is crucial to help in evaluating and managing hormone levels. Fluctuation of hormones in the body interferes with sexual functions. The antiretroviral therapy treatment option can be as simple as psychotherapy; talking with a specialist of circumstances that led to the infection, your fears, and how you feel about the current situation will help in alleviating stress.

    The specialist can also recommend over-the-counter drugs to help in normalizing the hormonal levels. The goal is restoring sexual desire and erectile function. Besides the stress that comes with living with the virus, inability to satisfy your partner sexually can increase depression levels.

    In addition to hormonal functions, consider consulting a Urologist. The urinary system is intertwined with a reproductive system in both male and female. Any defects due to the virus infection can be identified hence addressing your sexual concerns for HIV prevention.

    Don’t deprive yourself of sexual pleasure, consult and find a way to enjoy sex as before.  

    Rather than keeping up the sulk and complaining around, take some time out to work on making things turn the right way. All is not in your hands, but you can obviously take care of the things that you have control over.