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#1 STD Dating with Herpes, HPV & HIV Positive Singles in Canada

Living with any sort of sexually transmitted disease is tremendously difficult – just as much for reasons of mental and emotional health as physical. Many individuals who find themselves suffering from sexually transmitted diseases oftentimes find themselves believing that they no longer have any hope of finding love or enjoying a healthy sex life, and that their disease will drive away any potential romantic partner.

It’s no surprise, really – after all, many STDs carry a great deal of stigma, due to a combination of fear and misunderstanding. But it is because of just such things as this that Positive Singles exists.

What is Positive Singles?

PositiveSingles.com is a combination of a dating site and a support group for single people suffering from STDs. We allow you to create a free customised profile specifying what you are looking for and what disease you are living with, whilst keeping all your personal information wholly confidential until you feel confident in taking things further. With this profile, we’ll help pair you up with the right potential romantic partner for you, and help you prove to yourindex_au that having an STD doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a lovelife.

The reality of STDs

Perhaps one of the worst things about being faced with an STD is how alone one can feel at first. In our day and age of medical advancement, where more and more ordinary individuals are conscious of basic methods of keeping healthy and preventing disease, it’s easy to believe that STDs are, nowadays, only something that affects poverty-stricken countries, or those on the fringes of society – the result being, of course, that those who do have to live with it are faced with severe social stigma.

The reality, however, is that STDs of any kind can affect any individual, of any race or nationality – and they do, to an enormous degree. In Canada alone, authorities have noted, from 2011 to 2016, a 13% rise in cases of chlamydia, a 76% rise in cases of syphilis, and an 87% rise in cases of gonorrhoea. Currently, we have 71566 members from Canada, with 24517 identifying as female and 46306 identifying as male. 39062 of these members are from Ontario, 20621 from British Columbia, and 16380 from Alberta. 9623 of them live with HIV, 7772 with HPV, and 46881 with herpes. In general, there are approximately 400 million individuals across the globe living with some form of STD.

In brief, you’re very much not alone in what you’re facing.

Fortunately, while STDs are – contrary to popular belief – as much of a reality in the modern age as they ever were, one thing that has changed is the effect that it has upon your life. Modern medicine means that a great many STDs are no longer the death sentences they may once have been; and with proper medical treatment and responsible everyday conduct, an STD sufferer can, in many ways, enjoy a happy, healthy, normal life.

This is the concept that Positive Singles is built upon. At Positive Singles, we acknowledge that STDs are very much a modern reality; but we also acknowledge that they don’t in the least bit define who you are. We believe that ours is a day and age when there is no longer any excuse to allow an STD to hold you back from living your absolute best life. We exist to help STD sufferers realise that there is still a whole life ahead of them, and that, no matter what disease they may be living with, they still very can – and deserve to – find love, friendship, and happiness, all with the support of a compassionate community of individuals facing the very same issue as they are.

positive singles

Who can use our site?

In brief, anyone who is suffering from an STD, and who is looking for love, support, or friendship from people in a similar situation, can join PositiveSingles.com. At the moment, the majority (65%) of our 1.5 million members are herpes sufferers; but our members also include sufferers HIV, hepatitis, syphilis, and other similar disease. Ours is an all-inclusive community that aims to offer a resource for romance and support to all STD sufferers, regardless of the specifics of their struggle.

What else does Positive Singles offer?

Besides dating services, however, PositiveSingles.com is also dedicated to offering individuals around the world living with STDs a supportive community to offer them assistance, support and advice on matters of facing life with an STD. We believe that, when faced with a problem as significant, and yet as widespread as an STD, one of the best ways to help oneindex_au is to find and connect with a support network of individuals faced with just the same issue. As such, registered PositiveSingles.com members are given access to some of the largest STD-related blogs on the internet, where STD sufferers can access information and tips regarding STD management in daily life, as well as thousands of inspirational success stories.

Registered users can also access means of direct support – we offer a live online chatroom where you can chat with fellow STD sufferers, and a live STD Q&A room, where users can ask a trained counsellor direct questions related to living with their illness. The impact of an STD not only upon one’s health, but also upon one’s mental and emotional well-being, financial security, and general nature of their everyday lives. Our counsellors are trained to offer advice and support to any members faced with such struggles.

And when you’ve come to realise that there really are countless folks out there going through just the same thing that you are – all looking for love, just as you are – and think you might be ready to get back into the dating game at last, we also offer live chat with a dating advisor, who can answer any questions you might have about the STD dating scene. It’s a tremendously helpful feature that can really help give newcomers that final boost they need to really put themselves back into the dating pool; and in 2014, it won the Online Dating Golden Heart Consumer Choice Award.

PositiveSingles.com is a safe space for STD sufferers to find the love and support they deserve. We do hope that you’ll consider joining us.

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