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STD Dating for People with Herpes, HIV & HPV in New York

Finding that special someone to share your life or at least a cup of coffee with presents a challenge for every single in New York. That quest for romance gets even harder if you test positive for HIV, HPV, herpes, or any other STDs. Questions about disclosure and safety come into play pretty early on. These types of diagnoses should not leave you out of the dating scene, however.

Our website has 1,625,000 registered members. The adults you find here engage in more than 2 million conversations with interested singles all around the world. We boast over 60,000 success stories of people just like you who have found a true partner to fall in love with. With a success rate like this, you'd think it would risk our whole business. No! There are always more people looking for their perfect someone to spend time with.

PostitiveSingles.com offers the perfect opportunity to find someone who understands.

More than 1 million people get an STD diagnosis everyday all around the world. The stigma still associated with subjects like herpes dating and HIV dating unfortunately prevent many people from ever considering that they could find someone to share their life with. It doesn't matter if you're looking for a long-term commitment or just someone attractive and fun to hang out with on the weekends.

PositiveSingles.com includes a high population of both men and women with various STDs from NYC and the New York area. You can find a large selection of people with many specific diagnoses to connect with. Consider extending your search outside of New York if you don't mind the drive, too.

• HPV dating – 6.1% of NY members
• AIDS dating – 9.2% of NY members
• Nearly 6% of all members come from the great state of New York

positive singles

Enjoy the Convenience of Safe Searching

The Positive Singles site understands the difficulties you face when dating as a person who has gotten a positive test on an STD test. Connecting to people without diagnoses could happen out there in the real world, but that type of relationship could lead to heartache and rejection. Although STDs are mostly preventable, you cannot expect people to take the risk with their health. Unfortunately, some people with unrealistic and judgmental ideas think that those with diagnoses should never date again!

We Disagree! Everyone Deserves a Chance at Love and Connection

That is what makes POZ dating such a great option for people with HPV, HSV, HIV or other STIs. You can meet like-minded people who will leave the harsh judgements out of the dating equation. While there's no guarantee you will find your perfect match, at least you can have fun trying without the recriminations possible when dating people you meet that may not have the same struggles that you go through with every meeting.

Your diagnosis doesn't make you an outcast in society. You do not deserve a life hidden away from other people who look for fun, romance, and love. Take a chance, reach out, and grab hold of the next chapter in your life post diagnosis.

Finding Someone is Simple at Positive Singles

Do not limit yourself to browsing through thousands of random profiles, swiping or clicking, and just hoping you connect with someone. We offer a host of possibilities when it comes to finding someone to start a conversation with. No pressure! No need to share any private information you're not comfortable with. This online dating platform is here to use as you see fit while maintaining full comfort and security.

PositiveSingles.com supports all genders, sexualities, age groups, interests, and locations. For dating in New York and NYC, you cannot find a wider selection of POZ dating possibilities anywhere online or off. Start one step ahead when you specifically search for people who share your diagnosis and avoid that awkward conversation.

Of course, we have profiles of everyone on the site. Check out the pictures, read about their interests, and get to know them a bit more before you take a chance and send a message. Read member blogs to learn even more and see who the right choice is for you. Visit the online chat room where you can meet other people like you in a comfortable and inclusive way. We even offer live dating assistance with trained professionals to help you in your journey toward a relationship.

Enjoy the Extra Benefits and Information

Life after an STD, HPV, or HIV diagnosis can feel quite frightening and lonely. So many people just don't understand. Here at PositiveSingles.com, we do! And we have over a million other people who understand, as well. This site focuses on dating, but it contains a wealth of other information and support from people who have been and are in the exact same position.

• Informative articles about STDs and health
• Supportive blogs posts from members who understand
• Safety tips for online dating and starting relationships
• Rich, topic-filled forums that everyone can join

Positive Singles Brings You Tons of Dating Opportunities in New York

Get ready to let your personality and charm shine through. Here you are accepted for who you are and not what diagnosis it says on your medical charts. You no longer have to feel alone in the world. No one will discriminate against you for wanting to date even though you are positive for an STD. Forget trying to find your match on other online dating sites not specifically targeted to people like you. We are the biggest herpes dating, HIV dating, HPV, dating, and STD dating site in the entire world.

Now is a great time to be single and looking in New York. It's an even better time to find the perfect person to share a coffee, romantic dinner, weekend away, or the rest of your life.

Take the next step. Sign up, and give yourself a chance on love.