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STD Dating for People with Herpes, HIV & HPV in Texas

Don't mess with Texas and don't worry about dating with an STD either.

Texas is huge. Everything about Texas is huge. It's the second largest state in the US and it's also the second largest state for people living and dating with STD's.

Bet you didn't think the last one about STD's was going to be thrown in there. It sounds awkward it's really not so let's go there.

Dating and STD dating are both scary things and even daunting. If someone's been dating for years and still hasn't found someone that they'd like to spend more time with then the idea of dating can be rather annoying. Just like when someone’s received a positive result on their STD test saying they're either positive for herpes, HIV or HPV.

Before we jump into dating and more specifically why dating in Texas is a huge opportunity, remember everything in Texas is huge, let's break down what it means to be diagnosed with HSV, HIV or HPV as well as how the different STD’s play a role in your life and what they're all about.

Getting your STD result are always a scary thing. It's like when you're driving on the freeway and you see a cop car with their lights on behind you. You automatically freak out thinking they're after you even if you're not speeding and go into immediate panic mode. That's exactly what it's like to get an STD test. It's the OMG I'm going to be fine but this is super necessary and a huge part about being a responsible sexually active adult so I'm going to go for it. Sound familiar? We've all been there. Anyway, just like the cop car with its lights on and they are sometimes after you to pull you over for a ticket (which sucks) well the same thing goes for getting a positive result on your STD test. Most likely at some point, sexually active adults with multiple partners are going to test positive for a STD. It sounds scary, but it's not as bad as you think.

positive singles

Ok so don't panic. The truth is if you're diagnosed with HSV, HPV or HIV is that you're going to be ok and you're life will not be forever changed with some dark cloud over it. Let's breakdown the different STD's and learn about them. Now what HSV, HPV & HIV all have in common is they're all virus and that means that when a person becomes infected they're infected for life also a huge similarity is they are all sexually transmitted.

HSV stands for herpes simplex virus and there are two types, type 1 and type 2. In general, HSV 1 typically prefers the oral region and is known as oral herpes or cold sores meanwhile HSV 2 usually prefers the genital region and is commonly known as genital herpes. However, this is very important to know, the herpes virus will go wherever you give it a place to go. In other words, HSV 1 can be genital and HSV 2 can be oral, this is important when it comes to oral sex.

HPV stands for Human Papillomavirus and there are 200 different types of strains, some of them are sexually transmitted but they're also transmitted from skin to stink. Different strains of the virus can cause warts and others can cause cancer. Most of the time the symptoms for HPV genially are warts around the cervix, penis, scrotum, vulva and also around the anus area. They're not painful and they can potentially be removed. Most of the time the people infected, which is about 80% of the adult population, don’t even know they have it.

And finally, we have HIV which stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus which is spread through semen, vaginal fluid, and blood. Being HIV positive means that you have AIDS and that your immune system is so week that the person infected has a hard time fighting other diseases off. HIV is typically asymptomatic until it progresses to aids but some symptoms can be common flu-like symptoms and can go unnoticed.

Once again, all of these viruses are sexually transmitted and can be passed to your partner. But this does not mean that your dating life is over. In fact, it's far from it. How we find people to date has majorly changed, we used to meet people through friends or just by living our everyday life. Now, we depend on online dating as our way to meet people, which is pretty cool. If you've partaken in online dating then you know what it's all about but just in case you haven't the online dating is super helpful when weeding out people and making a compatible match. What's even better is now there are online dating sites that are specifically for people living with herpes, HIV, and HPV! And when we say specifically I mean the online dating site, Positive Singles.

So here's the good news, for Positive Singles online dating in Texas has a large amount of Herpes members.8.8% of total herpes members on PS are in Texas which means that you have a huge dating pool. Same goes for people living with HIV, 8.8% of total HIV members on Positive Singles. And if you're worried about HPV, 7.7% of total HPV on Positive Singles are from Texas. If we talk about STD's as a whole, 6.8% of Positive Singles total members are from the big state of Texas.

Ok so hears what this means, if you have an STD and are single and you want to meet someone then you should not let your diagnosis hold you back. There are so many options out there and now because of online dating, it makes it so comfortable and easy for singles to put themselves out there. So what you have HIV, so what you have herpes, so what you have HSV on Positive Singles you can designate who you want to date and what your criteria are. If you're single and want to date get out there and do it. The good news is if you find some with your same diagnosis then you both will already accept one another.

Don’t miss out.